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In 1955 bandparents served a smorgasbord of traditional Low German food to the community as a fundraising project. It was such a success that it has become an annual event to this day. Bandparents are still part of the smorgasbord in some way by either helping on a committee or helping the day of the smorgasbord. Each year there are four couples added and they are on the committee for four years.

The cafeteria and hallway are decorated with items such as windmills and yellow tulips on the tables and on the walls. The smorgasbord includes a variety of German foods as it was prepared by the pioneer mothers. The main ingredients were readily availble to them since all could be preserved through drying and canning or were available to them as produce was secured daily such as cream, milk and eggs. They relied heavily on flour ground from the grain they raised. Meat was available at all times, butchered in the winter then it would be cured, smoked and hung in cellars for summer consumption. Much meat was also canned along with fruit and vegetables and stored in root cellars for year round use.

The smorgasbord buffet includes favorites such as verenika (a cottage cheese pocket with ham gravy over it), apple priescha (apple turnover), New Year's Cookies (deep-fat fried dough with raisin in it or sugar on it), ham and noodles, zwiebach (roll), pluma mos (cooked raisins and prunes into a thick soup), schnetya (rolled up fruit filled or raisin filled dessert), worscht (pork sausage), kumpzt borscht (cabbage soup), kluptz (meat patties) and plautz (cherry or peach dessert).

This event usually serves over 1,000 each year from all over. This is the only fundraiser the band does in order to pay for uniforms, new instruments and trips. It is held in March and is followed by a high school band concert and jazz band performance.

(food pictures below are courtesy of Kathryn's Photography)

Apple Priescha
Apple Priescha (dessert)

New Years Cookie
Sugared New Year's Cookie (dessert)

New Years Cookie
New Year's Cookie - Raisin (dessert)


Ham and Noodles

Verenika - Cooked with ham gravy topping

Verenika - Fried with ham gravy (cottage cheese pocket)

Zweibach (rolls)