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Henderson, NE 68371
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The Henderson Police Department is a one-man department with Milan Mierau as Chief of Police. He has been with the Department since 1975 and is also an EMT and firefighter with the Henderson Fire and Rescue.

Many calls for service near Henderson are also handled by the Police Department and the interchange businesses are regularly patrolled. Chief Mierau is also Deputized with the York County Sheriff's Office and works closely with them, and they in turn help with coverage when needed.


The Police Department offices are located at 957 N Main Street. In 2005 the city offices moved to a new location allowing the police department to utilize the old City Hall space. The Police Department vehicle is a 2006 4-wheel drive Chevrolet 1500 Pickup.

The Police Department is also in charge of the control of loose animals and licensing of dogs. The fee to license a dog is $5 and is due May 1, or when you receive a dog. Postcard reminders are sent to dog owners a month prior to the due date.

Along with Chief Mierau's police duties, he is also the zoning administrator for the City of Henderson. Building permits are to be approved by him before any building can be done. Building permits include anything that changes the dimensions of a building or any sort of building or fence that is to be placed near lot lines.

Should you have any questions or comments about the Department, you may send your inquiries to PO Box 189, Henderson, NE 68371, or call the office at (402) 723-4811 or cellular phone at (402) 723-4812. The fax number is (402) 723-4911.