The regular meeting of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Henderson, Nebraska was held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at City Hall in Henderson, Nebraska.

             Notice of this meeting was posted at the City Hall and published in the January 7, 2010 Henderson News. Mayor Ken Bergen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Mayor Bergen declared the meeting to be legal and properly advertised with all members having been informed of the nature of the meeting and having received related information. Mayor Bergen also referred to the open meetings law poster at the back of the council chambers.

             Roll call showed the following present: Mayor Ken Bergen. Council members: Jim Mestl, Deb Friesen, Scott Erb and Matt Friesen. Also present were the city clerk and police chief.

             Minutes from the December 8, 2009 meeting were reviewed. Jim Mestl made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Matt Friesen seconded. Roll vote: Ayes - Jim Mestl, Matt Friesen, Deb Friesen and Scott Erb. Motion carried.

             Claims were reviewed. Deb Friesen made a motion to approve the claims as presented. Scott Erb seconded. Roll vote: Ayes - Deb Friesen, Scott Erb, Matt Friesen and Jim Mestl. Motion carried.

             One building permit was submitted.

             The 1 & 6 Year Street plan was reviewed. The only change was East Birch Street is presently gravel and the plan showed asphalt. Public hearing for the street plan will be held on February 9.

             LB 158 was discussed. At this time no other cities are taking action on the legislative bill. This bill will be reviewed again if other cities act on it.

             Scott Schmoker from Kirkham Michael was present to review the N. Industrial Park sewer project. An informational meeting with property owners will be held in February prior to the next council meeting.

             York Management Emergency Coordinator Gary Petersen was present to review the Local Emergency Plan, NIMS, the recent snow storm expenses. No formal action taken.

             Water and sewer rates were discussed. The council would like to have ordinance drawn up for the February meeting to adopt the new rates. Purpose of the rate increase is to generate more revenue for the water bond and also to prepare for the sewer project.

             The Chamber contribution was discussed. Deb Friesen made a motion to approve the budgeted $10,000 contribution for the Chamber. Scott Erb seconded. Roll vote: Ayes - Deb Friesen, Scott Erb, Jim Mestl and Matt Friesen. Motion carried.

             Due to the recent snow storm the employee time-off policy during holidays was reviewed. Several ideas were reviewed on the policy. A policy will be written up and submitted to council for approval.

             The ordinance concerning the golf course was reviewed. The ordinance will be sent to the attorney for his opinion on the ordinance. No formal action taken.

             Reports were given. No formal action taken.

             Matt Friesen made a motion to adjourn. Scott Erb seconded. Roll vote: Ayes - Matt Friesen, Scott Erb, Deb Friesen and Jim Mestl. Motion carried.

Connie Brown, City Clerk