The regular meeting of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Henderson, Nebraska was held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, at City Hall in Henderson, Nebraska. Notice of this meeting was posted at the City Hall, Post Office and published in the December 4, 2014 Henderson News. 

                Mayor Jim Mestl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   Mayor Mestl declared the meeting to be legal and properly advertised with all members having been informed of the nature of the meeting and having received related information.  Mayor Mestl also referred to the open meetings law poster at the back of the council chambers. 

                Roll call showed the following present: Mayor Jim Mestl.  Council members: Mike Wall, Jeb Mierau and Corbin Tessman.  Absent: Lee Thiessen.

                Minutes from the November 12 and November 25 meetings were reviewed. Mike Wall made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Corbin Tessman seconded.  Roll vote: Ayes -  Mike Wall, Corbin Tessman and Jeb Mierau.  Absent - Lee Thiessen. Motion carried.

                Claims were reviewed.  Jeb Mierau  made a motion to approve the claims as presented and to include Van Kirk Contracting’s claim in the amount of $25,530.82.  Corbin Tessman seconded.  Roll vote: Ayes - Jeb Mierau, Corbin Tessman and Mike Wall.  Absent - Lee Thiessen.  Motion carried.

                No building permits were submitted.

                Mayor recommendations were reviewed and discussed.  After discussion Corbin Tessman  made a motion to accept the Mayor recommendations for 2015.  Jeb Mierau  seconded.  Roll vote: Ayes - Corbin Tessman, Jeb Mierau and Mike Wall.  Absent - Lee Thiessen.  Motion carried.

                Mayor recommendations for 2015 are as follows:

                                Council President                                                                             Mike Wall

                                Water & Sewer Commissioner                                                   Jeb Mierau

                                Swimming Pool/Recreation Commissioner           Mike Wall

                                Parks Commissioner                                                                       Lee Thiessen

                                Street Commissioner                                                                     Corbin Tessman

                                Recreation Administrators                                                           Recreation committee

                                City Attorney                                                                                     Charles Campbell

                                Deputy City Attorney                                                                     Mike Murphy

                                City Engineers/Street Superintendent                                   Miller & Associates/Reed Miller

                                Chief of Police                                                                                   Milan Mierau

                                Fiscal Agent                                                                                        Smith Hayes

                                Health Officer                                                                                    Dr. Jim Ohrt/Dr. Chris Vanderneck

                                City Clerk/Treasurer                                                                       Connie Brown

                                Pool Administrator                                                                          Angie Bergen

                                Zoning Administrator                                                                     Milan Mierau

                Jeb Mierau declared his potential conflict of interest on the Main Street project and removed himself from the council table.  At this point, Jeb Mierau declared his representation as an employee of Ayars & Ayars.

                The plans for the inlaid brick were discussed at the intersection of N Main and Front.  It was decided to go with a bigger cut into the concrete to resolve the potential cracking of the brick. No formal action taken.

                Jeb Mierau resumed his position as council member.

                Corbin Tessman made a motion to adjourn.  Jeb Mierau seconded.  Roll vote: Ayes - Corbin Tessman, Jeb Mierau and Mike Wall.  Absent - Lee Thiessen. Motion carried.




Connie Brown, City Clerk