Article 5. Building Moving

§9-501               BUILDING MOVING: DEFINITIONS. For the purposes of this Article the following terms, phrases, words, and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein:

(1)        “Building” is a structure designed, built or occupied as a shelter or roofed enclosure for persons, animals or property and used for residential, business, mercantile, storage, commercial, industrial, institutional, assembly, educational or recreational purposes. A structure of the following dimensions shall not fall within this definition: twelve (12) feet wide, twenty-four (24) feet long, fifteen (15) feet high.

(2)        “Person” is any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind.

§9-502               BUILDING MOVING; PERMIT REQUIRED. No person shall move any building over, along or across any highway, street or alley In the Municipality without first obtaining a permit from the Municipal Clerk.

§9-503               BUILDING MOVING; APPLICATION; FORM; CONTENTS; FEE. (1) A person seeking issuance of a permit hereunder shall file an application for such permit with the Municipal Clerk. The application shall be made in writing, upon forms provided by the Municipal Clerk, and shall be filed in the office of the Municipal Clerk.

             (2) The application shall set forth:


(a)        A description of the building proposed to be moved, giving street number, construction materials, dimensions, number of rooms and condition of exterior and interior;

(b)        A legal description of the lot from which the building is to be moved, giving the lot, block and tract number, if located in the Municipality;

(c)        A legal description of the lot to which it is proposed such building be removed, giving lot, block and tract number, if located in the Municipality;

(d)        The portion of the lot to be occupied by the building when moved;

(e)        The highways, streets, and alleys over, along or across which the building is proposed to be moved;

(f)         Proposed moving date and hours; and

(g)        Any additional information which the Municipal Clerk shall find necessary to a fair determination of whether a permit should be issued.

             (3)        The owner of the building to be moved shall file with the application sufficient evidence that the building and lot from which it is to be removed are free of any entanglement and that all taxes and any Municipal charges against the same are paid in full.

             (4)        The applicant, if other than the owner, shall file with the application a written statement or bill of sale signed by the owner, or other sufficient evidence, that he is entitled to move the building.

             (5)        The application shall be accompanied by a permit fee in the amount of one dollar ($1.00) which shall be paid over by the Municipal Clerk to the Municipal Treasurer, who shall credit it to the General Fund.

§9-504               BUILDING MOVING; INTERFERENCE WITH UTILITIES; NOTICE REQUIRED. Whenever it shall be necessary for any licensed housemover in moving a building to interfere with any electric, telephone or telegraph poles or wires, the public service company or companies owning, using or operating such poles or wires, shall, upon such notice as is provided in their respective franchises, or if no provision for notice is made therein, then upon twenty-four (24) hours̓ notice, be present and assist, or, if necessary, move such poles and wires; and the expense of said removal, as estimated, shall be paid in advance by applicant, unless it is otherwise provided in said companies̓ franchises. Whenever the moving of any building necessitates interference with any water main or sewer main, belonging to the Municipality, notice in writing of the time and route of such building moving operations shall be given to the Municipal Water Commissioner, who shall proceed on behalf of the Municipality as the managing officers of public service companies are required to proceed in the premises in behalf of their companies. The notice herein provided for shall be given to said Municipal official or public service company or companies, as case is, by the licensed housemover.

§9-505               BUILDING MOVING; DUTIES OF PERMITTEE. Every permittee under this Article shall:

(1)        Move a building only over streets designated for such use in the written permit;

(2)        Notify the Municipal Clerk in writing of a desired change in moving date and hours as proposed in the application;

(3)        Notify the Municipal Clerk in writing of any and all damage done to property belonging to the Municipality within twenty-four (24) hours after the damage or injury has occurred;

(4)        Cause red lights to be displayed during the night time on every side of the building, while standing on a street, in such manner as to warn the public of the obstruction, and shall at all times erect and maintain barricades across the streets in such manner as to protect the public from damage or injury by reason of the removal of the building;

(5)        Remove the building from the Municipal streets after four (4) days of such occupancy, unless an extension is granted by the Mayor;

(6)        Comply with the Building Code, the Fire Zone, and any zoning ordinance now existing or hereinafter adopted and all other applicable ordinances and laws upon relocating the building in the Municipality;

(7)        Remove all rubbish and materials and fill all excavations to existing grade at the original building site so that the premises are left in a safe and sanitary condition; and

(8)        See that the sewer line is plugged with a concrete stopper, the water shut off, and the meter returned to the Municipal water office. Permittee shall notify the gas and electric service companies to remove their services.

§9-506               BUILDING MOVING NO GENERAL; LICENSE GRANTED. There shall be no license issued or general permit given to any one to move buildings at will or generally within the Municipality.