Article 4. Plumbing and Drainlaying

§9-401               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; PLUMBING INSPECTOR; OFFICE CREATED. The office of Plumbing Inspector is hereby created. The Building Inspector is hereby designated as ex-officio Plumbing Inspector. The Plumbing Inspector is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all of the provisions of this Article. (Ref 17-604 RS Neb.)

§9-402               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; REGISTRATION AND LICENSE REQUIRED. No person shall hereafter engage in or work at the business, trade or calling of a plumber in the Municipality until he shall have registered and obtained a license as such plumber as hereinafter provided.

§9-403               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION. Application for registration required by this Article shall be made in writing at the office of the Municipal Clerk, upon blanks furnished by the Municipal Clerk, which shall show the name and residence of the applicant, the business location of the applicant and such other information as may be required.

§9-404               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; LICENSE ISSUANCE. A plumbing license shall not be issued unless the applicant for such license shall have first paid a license fee in the amount of five dollars ($5.00). All applicants shall satisfy the Plumbing Inspector that he possesses qualifications and fitness to install plumbing, and if the Plumbing Inspector is satisfied, he shall recommend the issuance of such license to the Mayor and City Council. If the applicant is a plumbing contractor, the license shall cover employees under the supervision of the applicant. All licenses shall be signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the Municipal Clerk. All licenses issued to plumbers shall continue in force until revoked.

§9-405               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING ANNUAL REGISTRATION REQUIRED; RENEWAL. Upon the payment of the required registration fee, any person granted a license under this Article to engage in or work at the business, trade or calling of a plumber in this Municipality shall be registered by the Municipal Clerk who shall deliver to said licensee a certificate of registration signed by the Mayor and Municipal Clerk. All registrations issued under the provisions of this Article shall continue in force to the first (1st) day of January of each year first after the date on which they are granted, unless sooner revoked. Certificates of registration issued under this Article, at the time of their expiration, may be renewed upon the recommendation of the Plumbing Inspector and upon payment of the required registration fee.

§9-406               PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; REGISTRATION FEES. The following fees shall be charged for registration under the provisions of this Article:

             Master Plumber, Original Registration. . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25.00

             Master Plumber, Renewal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10.00

             Each Journeyman Plumber or Plumber̓s

             Apprentice or Helper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00

§9-407           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; LICENSE RECORD; LICENSES NON-TRANSFERABLE. The Municipal Clerk shall keep a record of all licenses issued, lapsed or revoked. No license shall be transferable.

§9-408           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; LICENSE RE-VOCATION. Every license issued pursuant to this Article may be revoked, after reasonable notice and hearing, by the Mayor and City Council, whenever the licensee fails, neglects or refuses to comply with the provisions of this Article.

§9-409           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; NONRESIDENCE; SCOPE; REAPPLICATION; FEES; APPLICATION OF ARTICLE. (1) Nonresident plumbers may be granted a one-job license for plumbing work within the Municipality upon their satisfying the Mayor and City Council of their qualifications to do such work.

             (2)     Should a nonresident plumber reapply for a job license within a period of one (1) year after obtaining his first such license, the Plumbing Inspector may waive any showing as to qualifications and fitness to install plumbing upon the approval of the Mayor and City Council and upon payment of the registration fees.

             (3)     The following fees shall be charged for registration for a nonresident one-job license:

             Master Plumbers One-Job Registration Fee                    $20.00

             Master Plumbers One-Job Examination Fee                     $5.00

             (4)     Nonresident, one-job, license holders shall be subject to the provisions of this Article.

§9-410           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; PERMIT REQUIRED. No plumbing shall be installed within or on any building, structure or premises within the Municipality nor shall any alteration or addition be made in any such existing plumbing, without first securing a permit therefor from the Plumbing Inspector.

§9-411           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; PERMIT APPLICATION; FEES. Application for a plumbing permit, describing the work to be done, shall be made to the Municipal Clerk by a licensed plumber who is responsible for the installation of the work. The application shall be accompanied by such plans and schedules as may be necessary to determine whether the installation as described will be in conformity with the requirements of this Article and shall be approved by the Plumbing Inspector. No fee shall be charged for issuing said permit.

§9-412           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; PERMIT ISSUANCE. If it shall be found that the installation as described will conform to the requirements of this Article, a permit for such installation shall be issued by the Municipal Clerk.

§9-413           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; MINOR REPAIRS. No permit shall be required for minor repair work. Minor repair work as used in this Article is hereby defined to be repairing leaks in pipes, traps or opening up wastes or supply pipes, traps or trenches or repairing broken fixtures or frozen pipes inside of the walls of buildings, but where alterations are made in either soil waste or vent pipes or where the location or kind of fixtures is changed, permits will be required.

§9-414           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATE. (1) Upon the completion of any installation of plumbing which has been made under a permit, it shall be the duty of the person, firm or corporation making the installation to notify the Plumbing Inspector, who shall inspect the installation as soon thereafter as practicable.

             (2)     Where the Plumbing Inspector finds the installation to be in conformity with the provisions of this Article, he shall issue, upon demand, to the person, firm or corporation making the installation, a

 certificate of approval,  

             (3)     If, upon inspection, the installation is not found to be fully in conformity with the provisions of this Article, the Plumbing Inspector shall notify the licensee responsible for the installation, stating the defects which have been found to exist. If such licensee fails to correct such defects within such reasonable time as may be specified in the notice thereof by the Plumbing Inspector, said licensee shall be deemed in violation of this Article and subject to the penalties prescribed.

§9-415           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; NATIONAL PLUMBING CODE; ADOPTED AND INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE. The plumbing code known as the National Plumbing Code ASAA40.8-1955, published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, of which not less than one (1) copy is now on file in the office of the Municipal Clerk, is hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at length herein, and is made a part of this Chapter. (Ref 18-132 RS Neb.)

§9-416           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; CIVIL LIABILITY. In no case shall any damages caused by tests which shall be made by the Plumbing Inspector in the discharge of his duties, as provided by this Article, be charged as damages to the Municipality or to the Plumbing Inspector thereof. In all cases where damages are caused in making such tests, the master plumber or drainlayer in charge of the work so tested shall be responsible therefor; provided, this Article shall not be construed to remove or lessen the liability of any person owning, operating, controlling or installing any plumbing or drainlaying work for damages to person or property injured by any defect in said work, nor shall the said Municipality be held as assuming any such liability by reason of any inspection authorized herein or of any license or permit issued hereunder.

§9-417           PLUMBING AND DRAINLAYING; PROHIBITION OF LEAD PIPES, SOLDER, AND FLUX. Any pipe, solders or flux used in the installation or repair of any residential or nonresidential facility which is connected to the public water supply system shall be lead free.

For purposes of this section, lead free shall mean:

(1) Solders and flux - not more than two-tenths percent (.2%) lead, and

(2) Pipe and pipe fittings - not more than eight percent (8%) lead.

       (Ref 71-5301 RS Neb.)