Article 3. Fire

§7-301               FIRE PREVENTION; CHIMNEYS; CONSTRUCTION. It is hereby declared unlawful for any person, firm or corporation within the corporate limits of the city to enter, or cause to be entered any stovepipe into an outlet other than a brick chimney constructed with what is known as flue lining, well-burned clay or terra cotta pipe, nor shall any person run a stovepipe through any partition, floor or roof except through a ventilator in said partition, floor or roof. All chimneys hereafter constructed in the city, shall be lined continuously on the inside with such materials as hereinbefore provided, shall be made smooth on the inside from the bottom of the flue or from the throat of the fireplace, if the flue starts from the latter, and shall be carried up continuously to the extreme height of the flue. The ends of all lining pipes shall be made to fit close together; the pipe shall be built in as the flue or flues are carried up and shall extend at least six inches above the cap of the chimney. Each flue shall be enclosed on all sides with not less than four inches of solid brickwork properly banded together, and the widths or brickwork between the lined flues

on the inside of the chimney shall be four inches in thickness. All chimneys, flues and fireplaces shall be kept at all times clean and free from accumulation of soot, ashes and cinders, and in good and proper repair.

§7-302               FIRE PREVENTION; FIRES OUTSIDE FIRE LIMITS. The burning of straw, hay, leaves, brush, paper or shavings in the open air outside said fire limits when the same tan lie done without damage to the public or any property, is hereby permitted and allowed, but any such burning shall be done while said fire is attended by the person setting out the same and between the hours of seven o̓clock AM. and nine o̓clock P.M., and said fire shall be located at least twenty feet from any building.

§7-303               FIRE PREVENTION; FIRES IN PAVEMENT, SIDEWALK, GUTTER, DRIVEWAY OR CURB. Under no circumstances shall any person set out any fire on any pavement or near any sidewalk, gutter, driveway or curb, now built or hereafter to be built, within the corporate limits of the city.

§7-304               FIRE PREVENTION; STOVES, BURNING CRANK CASE DRAININGS OR CRUDE OIL, PROHIBITED. No home-made oil burning stove or device that burns crank case drainings or crude oil shall be permitted or allowed to be burned or operated within the corporate limits of the city.