Article 2. Fireworks

§7-201               FIRE PREVENTION;. FIREWORKS; MANUFACTURE, SALE, ETC. It shall be unlawful, except as provided by State law for any person to discharge, set off, ignite or explode, or cause to be exploded within the Municipality any fireworks other than permissible fireworks as defined by State law.

             Permissible fireworks may only be ignited or exploded withing the Municipality beginning on the 24th day of June and ending on the 4th day of July. Such fireworks may not be ignited or exploded on Sunday unless July 4 falls on a Sunday, in which event fireworks may be ignited or exploded on Sunday, July 4. Fireworks may only be ignited or exploded on such days between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

             Upon paying the occupation tax set forth in this code, any person may display, sell or offer for sale any permissible firework during the period beginning on the 24th day of June and ending on the 4th day of July, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., providing said person keeps, stores, displays, sells and offers for sale, said articles in a fireproof building with sufficient parking accessible in close proximity to said building. (City Ordinance #353)

§7-202               FIRE PREVENTION; FIREWORKS; ARTICLE IN TRANSIT. Nothing herein shall apply to the possession of pyrotechnics which are in transportation to points outside of the city; nor shall it apply to the possession or transportation of such pyrotechnics held by wholesale dealers for sale and shipment in unbroken packages to points or places outside the city, if the same be stored, shipped and transported in accordance with the rules and requirements established by the bureau of fire prevention of the city.

§7-203               FIRE PREVENTION; FIREWORKS; INDEPENDENCE DAY. The foregoing prohibitions shall not apply to pyrotechnic displays on Independence Day or at other public celebrations or festival occasions within any of the parks in the city, if such display be given from a place or point within said park fenced or roped off, so that any member of the public in said park cannot approach within one hundred feet of the pyrotechnics used or within one hundred feet of the point where said pyrotechnics are ignited or set off, an no person shall be allowed within such enclosure except person who are actually engaged in and authorized to handle the giving or putting on of such pyrotechnic displays; provided, no such displays shall be given, even in compliance herewith, unless the person or persons sponsoring such display shall have first applied to and secured a permit in writing from the mayor and council to do so; and provided further, each application shall first be approved by the chief of the fire department in writing before granted, and, if granted, said permit shall provide, among other things that said display shall are under the direct supervision and control of said chief with regard to all details affecting the fire and safety hazards.

§7-204               FIRE PREVENTION; FIREWORKS; OTHER EXCEPTIONS. Nothing herein shall apply to the sale, storage or use of flash light composition by photographers or dealer in photographic supplies.