Article 7. Municipal Disposal Grounds

§3-701               MUNICIPAL DISPOSAL GROUNDS; OPERATION AND FUNDING. The Municipality owns and operates the Municipal Disposal Grounds. The Governing Body, for the purpose of defraying the cost of the care, management, and maintenance of the Municipal Disposal Grounds may each year levy a tax not to exceed the maximum limit prescribed by State law, on the actual valuation of all real estate and personal property within the corporate limits that is subject to taxation. The revenue from the said tax shall be known as the Disposal Grounds Fund and shall remain in the custody of the Municipal Treasurer. The Governing Body shall have the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the sanitary and efficient management of the Dumping Grounds and may set the rates to be charged for services rendered by ordinance and file the same in the office of the Municipal Clerk for public inspection at any reasonable time. (Ref 13-2020, 13-2021, 13-2025, 13-2026 RS Neb)

§3-702               MUNICIPAL DISPOSAL GROUNDS; RESTRICTED USE. It shall be unlawful to dispose of any items at the Municipal Disposal Grounds except for the following:

             a.          Trees;

             b.          Brush; and

             c.          Non-treated wood

It shall be unlawful to dispose of yard waste at the Municipal Disposal Grounds. For purposes of this section, yard waste shall be defined to mean grass and leaves. (Ref 13-2016.01,13-2026 RS Neb.)

§3-703               MUNICIPAL DISPOSAL GROUNDS; STATE REGULATIONS. It shall be the duty of those individuals using the Municipal Disposal Grounds to comply with the applicable rules and regulations of the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Titles 126 and 132, if any, for the use of the Municipal Disposal Grounds. (Ref 13-2034 RS Neb.)