Article 2. Trailers and Mobile Home Courts

§10-201             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this Article the following terms and definitions shall prevail:


(1)        ”To Camp” shall be deemed to include the using or erecting, placing or locating, for the use of a house, cabin, tent, camping outfit, automobile, auto trailer or other enclosure for living or sleeping purposes.

(2)        “Public Camp” shall be deemed to include any park, court, camp, place, area, or tract of land, upon which are located, or which is designed, maintained or intended for the purpose of supplying location or accommodations for, two or more camping parties using or erecting for use any house, cabin, tent, camping outfit, automobile, auto trailer, or other enclosure for living or sleeping purposes, by day, week or month, whether a charge is made therefore or not, and having a common use of any part thereof or any convenience thereon.

(3)        “Trailer” shall be deemed to include any vehicle or structure so designed, and constructed in such manner, as will permit occupancy thereof as living or sleeping quarters for one or more persons or the conduct of any business or profession, occupation or trade, or used as a selling or advertising device, and so designated that it is or may be mounted on wheels and used as a conveyance on highways or Municipal streets propelled or drawn by its own or other motive power.

(4)        “Unit” or “Unit Space” shall be deemed to include the ground space as actually set aside herein and by a public camp for occupancy by and use in connection with any single cabin, camp car, trailer. or other enclosure for living or sleeping purposes.

§10-202             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; TEMPORARY PERMIT. It shall be unlawful for any person to place a trailer, camp car, or any similar enclosure used for living or sleeping purposes, or to camp upon any land or premises within the Municipality at a duly registered and approved trailer park or public camp without first having secured permission to do so from the Mayor and City Council. Application for such permission shall be made in writing to the Municipal Clerk and shall be accompanied by written permission from the owner of the property upon which such person proposes to camp and place a trailer. The grant of such permission shall be discretionary with the Governing Body taking into consideration the location of the premises, available sanitary facilities and the general welfare and safety of the public; provided, that in no event shall such person be granted permission to exceed seven (7) days and such permit may not be renewed or extended.

§10-203             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; TRAILERS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. It shall be unlawful for the owner or lessee of private property not designated as a public camp to permit the owner or occupant or occupants of any cabin car, camp car, trailer or any similar enclosure used for living or sleeping purposes to park the same and camp on such private property unless permit is first obtained under the provisions of section 10-202 of this Code.

§10-204             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; PERMIT FOR TRAILER AND PUBLIC CAMP. It shall be unlawful for any person to open, conduct, establish and maintain any place of ground for the purpose of a trailer or public camp unless a permit to do so shall have first been issued by the Mayor and City Council.

§10-205             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; APPLICATION FOR, TERMS OF, AND ISSUANCE OF PERMIT; FEE AND BOND. Application for a permit for a trailer or public camp shall be made in writing to the Municipal Clerk setting forth the name and residence of the applicant; the name and residence of the person who will be in direct control and management thereof; a plat of said property location showing the location and size of the grounds proposed to be used for such trailer and public camp and showing the number and location of each unit and unit space and space between units; water service available upon said grounds, toilet, sanitary, and electric facilities and the type of building or buildings to be erected thereon. Before a permit for such trailer or public camp is issued, the Mayor and City Council or their duly authorized agent shall investigate the premises in question and determine if the Municipal Code has been and will be complied with, with respect to toilet, sanitary and electric facilities and if in other respects such camp will not be detrimental in any way to the public interest and the Governing Body may in their discretion reject any proposed camp site. If the Governing Body grants such permit, it shall direct the Municipal Clerk to issue such permit upon the payment of a permit fee In the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00), which fee shall be paid annually and all permits issued shall expire on the thirtieth (30th) day of April following date of issuance unless sooner revoked.

§10-206             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS REVOCATION OR SUSPENSION OF PERMIT; TRANSFER OF PERMIT. Any permit granted hereunder shall be subject to revocation or suspension in the following manner: The Mayor and City Council shall cause a notice to be personally served on the person holding said permit setting forth wherein permit-tee has failed to comply with this Article citing him to appear before the Governing Body at a date set forth in said notice to show cause why his permit should not be revoked or suspended and said permittee shall have the right to appear with counsel and introduce such evidence as he may desire. Any permit issued hereunder may be transferred without the payment of additional permit fee upon written application to the Governing Body by the holder thereof, and approval of such body obtained.

§10-207              TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; POSTING PERMIT; SERVICE AND INSPECTION CHARGE; CARETAKER; REGISTER REQUIRED. It shall be unlawful for any permittee hereunder to fail to post in a conspicuous place in his trailer or public camp the permit issued to him hereunder. The Mayor and City Council may, in their discretion, fix and determine a service and inspection charge on camps hereunder and if such is fixed, each permittee hereunder shall be responsible to pay same to the Municipal Clerk and if he fails to do so, any permit hereunder can be revoked or suspended as hereinbefore provided for. A caretaker shall be provided at all times for each premises licensed hereunder, said caretaker to be responsible to enforce all regulations hereunder and all other ordinances of the Municipality, said caretaker also to maintain a register of all persons using any camp licensed hereunder setting forth each person̓s name, address and registration number of automobile and time and place of issuance, said register to be open to inspection by the Municipal authorities at any time.

§10-208             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; RESPONSIBILITY OF PERMITTEES. Each permittee hereunder shall maintain licensed premises in a clean condition and in a state of good repair and abide by all the rules, ordinances and regulations of the Municipality at any time adopted.

§10-209             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; GROUND AREA. Every trailer and camp ground licensed hereunder shall be laid out with an available unit space of not less than 1,600 square feet for each camp car, trailer or other facility. No greater number of trailers or mobile homes shall be allowed in such camp ground than there are available spaces therein and each camp car, trailer or cabin shall be arranged in neat appearing rows as set forth in plat to be furnished by applicant, which plat shall show a space of not less than thirty feet (30̓) in width from unit line to unit line, which space shall have unobstructed access to a public street or alley. No camping or trailer unit or facility shall be placed nearer to any unit lot line than five feet (5̓).

§10-210             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; DRAINAGE; WATER SUPPLY; SANITARY CONDITIONS AND LIGHTING. Every public camp or trailer park hereunder shall be located on a well drained area, properly graded for draining. Same shall have an adequate water supply and shall have faucets located at intervals set by the Mayor and Council, each such public camp or trailer park shall have adequate and sanitary toilet facilities and conditions, the rules and regulations concerning same to be set by the Governing Body as each separate application for permit hereunder is made, such regulations also to apply to all garbage and refuse disposal including sanitary sewage conditions, the Governing Body, in its discretion, to have the right and authority to require condition of any such camp and trailer facility to hook-up to the Municipal Sanitary Sewer System. Each public or trailer camp hereunder shall adequate lighting, the Governing Body to have the right and authority to set forth and enforce regulations to be set by them concerning such lighting facilities.

§10-211             TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOME COURTS; REMOVAL OF WHEELS OR SIMILAR DEVICES; ANIMALS AT LARGE; INFLAMMABLE LIQUIDS. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or operating a public camp and trailer facility to allow any occupant thereof to remove the wheels of any camp car and trailer and to otherwise permanently fix such car and trailer to the ground in a manner that would prevent the ready removal of same and to in any way alter any camp car or trailer in such a way as to convert it into a permanent dwelling. It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any animal to run at large in any such public or trailer camp. It shall be unlawful for any person to have within, or in proximity to, any camp car, trailer or cabin any quantity of gasoline or inflammable liquids, except in containers or facilities as approved by the Governing Body.