Chapter 1


Article 1. Elected Officials

§1-101           CITY MAYOR; SELECTION AND DUTIES. The Mayor of the Municipality shall have the general, and immediate control over all property, and officials, whether elected or appointed, of the Municipality. He shall preside at all meetings of the City Council, and may vote when his vote shall be decisive and the Council is equally divided on any pending matter, legislation, or transaction and the Mayor shall, for the purpose of such vote, be deemed to be a member of the Council. His signature must appear on the Municipal Clerk̓s minutes of all meetings, and he must sign all resolutions which have been passed, and warrants for the payment of money when ordered by the City Council; provided, any ordinance vetoed by the Mayor may be passed over his veto by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the members of the City Council, but if the Mayor neglects or refuses to sign any ordinance, and returns it to the Council with his objections in writing at the next regular Council meeting, the same shall become a law without his signature. He shall from time to time communicate to the Council such information and recommendations as, in his opinion, may improve the Municipality. He may require at reasonable intervals any Municipal official to exhibit his accounts and make reports to the Council on any subject pertaining to his office. He shall have the power to remit fines or pardon any offense arising under the ordinances of the Municipality. He may remove at any time an appointed police officer of the Municipality. His territorial authority shall extend over all places within five (5) miles of the corporate limits of the Municipality for the enforcement of any health ordinance, and one-half (½) mile in all matters vested in him except taxation. He shall also have such other duties as the City Council may by resolution confer upon him, or in any other matters which the laws of the State of Nebraska repose in him; he shall be elected at the Municipal election, and shall serve a four (4) year term of office. (Ref. 17-110 through 17-117 RS Neb.)

§1-102            CITY COUNCIL; ACTING PRESIDENT. The City Council shall elect one (1) of its own body each year who shall be styled the President of the Council, and who shall preside at all meetings of the City Council in the absence of the Mayor. In the absence of the Mayor, and the President of the Council, the City Council shall elect one (1) of its own body to occupy his place temporarily, who shall be styled Acting President of the Council. Both the President of the Council and the Acting President of the Council, when occupying the position of the Mayor, shall have the same privileges as the other members of the City Council, and all acts of the President of the Council, or Acting President of the Council, while so acting, shall be as binding upon the City Council, and upon the Municipality as if done by the elected Mayor. (Ref 17-148 RS Neb.)

§1-103           CITY COUNCIL; SELECTION AND DUTIES. The members of the City Council shall be elected and serve for a four (4) year term. The City Council shall be the legislative division of the Municipal Government, and shall perform such duties, and have such powers as may be authorized by law. The City Council shall maintain the peace, regulate business, protect the public health and safety, and assess such taxes and fees as are necessary and appropriate in the exercise of these functions. (Ref 17-103, 17-104 RS Neb.)

§1-104            CITY COUNCIL; ORGANIZATION. City Councilmembers of this Municipality shall take office, and commence their duties on the first regular meeting in December following their election. The newly elected Councilmembers who have qualified as prescribed by law, together with the members of the City Council holding over, shall assemble in a regular meeting at the hour and place hereinafter prescribed and perfect the reorganization of the City Council as herein provided, and all appointive offices in which the terms of incumbents are expired shall be filled by appointment. After the said meeting has been called to order, the Municipal Clerk shall report to the City Council the names of all City Councilmembers-elect who have qualified for their respective offices, and this report shall be spread upon the minutes of the meeting preceding the roll call. Each ward of the Municipality shall be represented by at least two (2) Councilmembers. No person shall be eligible who is not at the time of his election an actual resident of the ward

for which he is qualified and should any City Councilmember move from the ward from which he was elected, his office shall thereby become vacant. (Ref 17-104 RS Neb.)

§1-105           ELECTED OFFICIALS; VACANCY. (1) Vacancies in city elected offices shall be filled by the Mayor and City Council for the balance of the unexpired term except as provided in this section. Notice of a vacancy, except a vacancy resulting from the death of the incumbent, shall be in writing and presented to the City Council at a regular or special meeting and shall appear as a part of the minutes of such meeting.

             (2)     The City Council shall at once give public notice of the vacancy by causing to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the City or by posting in three (3) public places in the City the office vacated and the length of the unexpired term.

             (3)     The Mayor shall within four (4) weeks after the meeting at which such notice has been presented, or upon the death of the incumbent, call a special meeting of the City Council or place the issue of filling such vacancy on the agenda at the next regular meeting, at which time the Mayor shall submit the name of a qualified elector to fill the vacancy for the balance of the unexpired term.

             (4)     No officer who is removed at a recall election or resigns after the initiation of the recall process shall be appointed to fill the vacancy resulting from his or her removal or the removal of any other member of the City Council during the remainder of his or her term of office.

             (5)     Upon a majority vote of approval by the City Council the vacancy shall be filled. If a majority vote is not reached the nomination shall be rejected and the Mayor shall at the next regular meeting submit the name of another qualified elector. If the vote on the nominee fails to carry by majority vote, the Mayor shall continue at such meeting to submit the names of qualified electors and the City Council shall continue to vote upon such nominations until the vacancy is filled.

             (6)     The Mayor shall cast his or her vote only in case of a tie vote of the City Council.

             (7)     All City Council members shall cast a ballot for or against each nominee.

             (8)     Any member of the City Council who has been appointed to fill a vacancy or the City Council shall have the same rights, including voting, as if such person were elected.

             (9)     The Mayor and City Council may, in lieu of filling a vacancy in a City office as provided above in this section, call a special Municipal Election to fill such vacancy.

             (10)   If there are vacancies in the offices of a majority of the members of the City Council, there shall be a special Municipal Election conducted by the Secretary of State to fill such vacancies. (Ref 32-568, 32-509 RS Neb.)

§1-106           ELECTED OFFICIALS; MAYOR; VACANCY. (1) Whenever a vacancy occurs in the office of Mayor, or in case of his disability or absence, the President of the Council shall exercise the office of Mayor for the unexpired term until such vacancy is filled or such disability is removed, or in case of temporary absence, until the Mayor returns.

             (2)     When the successful candidate for Mayor shall be prevented from assuming office, the incumbent Mayor shall not be entitled to hold over the term, but such office shall automatically become vacant and the President of the Council shall exercise the office of Mayor until such vacancy is filled.

             (3)     If the President of the Council shall for any cause assume the office of Mayor for the remainder of the unexpired term, there shall be a vacancy on the City Council which shall be filled as provided in section 1-105. (Ref 17-107, 17-115 RS Neb.)

§1-107           ELECTED OFFICIALS; TRANSFER OF OFFICE. At the commencement of their terms, the newly elected City Council and the Mayor shall be provided with all property, records, papers, and monies belonging to the outgoing City Council and Mayor.